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When life tosses you down, and you feel hopeless…there are people and places such as PromiseView to help guide you back up. When I first called, my first question was if it is a safe place. Tim allowed me a visit with my parents, during which I was given a tour, and he spent much time answering all my parents and my questions. PromiseView is a very clean, organized facility that allowed me in some of my lowest moments a quality place to call home.
When I step back and look at my life, I realize that my higher power had sent me to this place. Honestly the price is nominal for what it gives back. That is a clean, safe place with great people who understand and love you.

Joe M.

I have found PromiseView to be more than just a safe place to live. Coming in with the right attitude and strong desire to live clean has allowed me to become a part of something bigger, something where I want to give back as much as I’m being given here. It is comforting and inspiring to live with people who are on the right path for the right reasons, to live clean and sober. PromiseView is a safe haven where I am allowed to work on myself. I am challenged to work outside my comfort zone and grow in recovery. This comes from someone who swore a year ago that he would never consider living in a sober house. I owe it to myself to do whatever it takes to live a life in recovery. PromiseView has been instrumental in helping me achieve this.

Luke P.

There is a big difference between getting sober and staying sober. I came to PromiseView with over four years of sobriety. I had tried everything I could think of to stay sober over the last 26 years but the outcome was always a relapse. My sponsor and family encouraged me to move into a sober living environment where I could work on building a solid foundation in my recovery. PromiseView has offered me a safe and structured place to live that allows me to live with other people that have the same goals that I have. I am learning to make friends in my AA groups and being responsible for my actions. PromiseView is a beautiful home with lots of room in a quiet neighborhood that is very beneficial for my self esteem. Tim Wood, the owner and director has been a tremendous help encouraging me and sharing his experience, strength and hope with his own recovery of 18 years. I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to “stay sober” to consider a stay at PromiseView, as it has been one of the more positive decisions I have made in my recovery.

Mark J.

PromiseView is a great combination of independent living and sober living. Being with other guys who are on the sober living journey was very beneficial to my ongoing recovery ¬—an excellent bridge to the “real world”. I highly recommend PromiseView. Thanks for the help!

Brad B.

As a parent you want only the best for your child. When serious problems arise you attack them head on. With addiction you have very little information to rely on. The hospitals will stabilize and release. You don’t know what to do or where to go. Then someone tells you about “PromiseView”. From the moment we arrived we were greeted with caring, understanding, support and information. Our son saw the first ray of hope and he knew someone who understood would be there for him. It made all the difference and he now knows he can overcome. Thank you PromiseView.

John B.