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Our Home is Your Home

There is no comparison for a recovery home in the Milwaukee area like PromiseView. While touring our home, an experienced social work professional expressed to us that PromiseView is by far the nicest home available. PromiseView boasts 4,000 square feet in a beautiful two story home that overlooks Jackson Park. Our location is in one of the best neighborhoods in the area. The house has beautiful hardwood floors throughout, six spacious semi-private bedrooms, four bathrooms, extra large kitchens, off-street parking, and a nice courtyard to enjoy. We are blocks from all shopping needs and close to major bus routes. Amenities include several large, flat screen HDTVs with Direct TV, Wi-Fi, washer & dryer, and new appliances.

PromiseView Living

Although not required, most residents come to us after successfully completing a residential or intense outpatient recovery program. We live one day at a time with others who are seeking a more meaningful life that sobriety offers. At PromiseView we believe that choosing to live in a sober living home prior to living alone provides the new sober individual a number of critical benefits that can shore up abilities to defend against relapse.

To this end, PromiseView has rules and those who live in our home are subject to them. Common rules that all residents must follow including absolute sobriety, reasonable curfews, no smoking in house, being respectful of others at all times and their share of cleaning chores.
PromiseView is not free. Those who live at PromiseView are expected to pay their rent, groceries and transportation. Paying these expenses is actually a positive benefit as it helps rebuild the independence the individual may have lost during the days of using drugs or alcohol.

The 12-Step Approach

PromiseView believes that actively participating in a 12 step program is a proven vehicle in getting clean and sober and maintaining the individual’s new life without drugs or alcohol. A weekly house AA meeting is mandatory for all residents. Outside meetings will also be strongly encouraged. Random drug testing is also conducted.

PromiseView conducts a comprehensive interview with all individuals who are considering becoming part of our home including and not limited to background checks and references. We take the integrity of our sober living home very seriously. PromiseView is staffed 24/7. PromiseView Director, Tim Wood is a licensed L.P.N. House managers have substantial recovery time.

Please Contact Us for more information and to schedule a tour of our home.